Redbird's Hodgepodge
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582 Movies Worth Watching
  Indicates one of Redbird's 100 Favorite Movies
Airplanes:   Movies with Airplanes as Co-Stars   
Courtroom Dramas:   Order in the Court   
Detective/Mystery/Suspense Films:   Film Noir    And Other Great Detective/Mystery/Suspense Films   
Foreign-Language Films (With English Subtitles):   France    Germany    Italy    Japan    Sweden    And a Few Others   
Early Fright Films (1920s & 1930s):   Karloff & Lugosi    And More Scary Stuff of the 20s & 30s ,,, Woooooo!!   
Heist Films:   Going for the Big Dough   
Hitchcock Films:   Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense   
Sci-Fi & Monster Films of the 1950s:   They Are All Crazy   
Space-Related (But Not the Crazy Ones of the 1950s):   Where No Man Has Gone Before   
Silent Films:   Chaplin & Keaton    And Other Must-See Silents   
Song and Dance:   Singing and Dancing the Night Away   
The High Seas:   Ahoy!   
Westerns (Part 1):   Randolph Scott    John Wayne    Clint Eastwood   
Westerns (Part 2):   More Must-See Westerns   
World War II Movies:   On the Ground    In the Air    On the Sea   
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